DC Improvisers Collective's Live at Warehouse with Greg Osby

Track Listing:
1. Part 1
2. Part 2
3. Part 3

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Improv Arts Records
Personnel: Special Guest Greg Osby, alto saxophone; Daniel Barbiero, bass; Jonathan Matis, Guitar; Mike Sebastian, Tenor saxophone, Saxello

Recorded: Recorded at Live at the Warehouse Theater, Washington DC, August 5, 2006. All song ©2009 DCIC.
DC Improvisers Collective's Triangulation

Track Listing:
1. Then Don't Listen
2. Museum of Commerce and War
3. Punk Jazz
4. Triangulation
5. Man Versus Nature
6. Transcendental Mediation
7. The Girl from Quarna Sotto
8. Mourning in America
9. Few Things Are Constant
10. Dream To Sleep

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Improv Arts Records
Personnel: Ben Azzara: drums and percussion, Jonathan Matis: guitar & electronics, Mike Sebastian: tenor saxophone, saxello, bass clarinet

Recorded: Recorded at Silver Sonya by TJ Lipple June 2-4, 2006. All song ©2007 DCIC.

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DC Improvisers Collective's Meme + Variations

Track Listing:
1. Affinity Is as Infinity Does (17:55)
2. Four Soliloquies (14:28)
  a) The Composition of Air
  b) Opaque Mirrors
  c) A Portrait of Jerome Horwitz
      as a Young Man
  d) The Unwobbling Pivot
3. After Europe After the Rain (6:59)
4. Meme & Variations (17:37)

Sachimay Records
Personnel: Ben Azzara: drums, Daniel Barbiero: double bass, Jonathan Matis: guitar, Mike Sebastian: reeds

Recorded: Live recordings from 2005-2006, Washington, DC.

Part of the Sachimay Interventions Series
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Track Listing:
1. Invocation (6:55)
2. Duo No. 1 (6:34)
3. Stirring (10:01)
4. Duo No. 2 (4:44)
5. Trio (8:50)
6. Ritual (5:46)
7. Duo No. 3 (4:29)
8. Mural (4:37)
9. Feldman Meets Dolphy (5:09)
10. And Then. (13:00)

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Personnel: Mike Sebastian-tenor & soprano saxophone, bass clarinet; Jon Ozment-piano, keyboards, electronics; Mark Merella-percussion, live electronics, short wave radio; Jonathan Matis-guitar, electronics.

Recorded: January 17, 2003, January 31, 2003, February 13, 2003, Takoma Park, MD; March 28, 2003, Washington, DC.

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