Press Release: Golden Arm Trio and DCIC
Golden Arm Trio
RollingStone.com described the band (Golden Arm Trio) as an Austin, Texas-based power-jazz merger of John Zorn's Naked City and the 1970s radical-prog band Henry Cow.
Who: Golden Arm Trio and DC Improvisers Collective
When: Sunday, October 15, 2006, 7:30pm, $10
Where: DCAC 2438 18th Street NW Washington DC 20009
Tickets: Virtuous.com

GOLDEN ARM TRIO is an Austin, Texas based band led by composer, bandleader, pianist and drummer Graham Reynolds. Graham and the group work constantly, in theater, dance, film, concert halls and nightclubs. THE BAND is a loose collective of which Graham is the only permanent member with some outstanding musicians as regularly featured additions. The band has toured throughout the United States and Europe and has released two critically acclaimed CD's, as well as the recent major motion picture soundtrack "A Scanner Darkly." RollingStone.com described the band as an Austin, Texas-based power-jazz merger of John Zorn's Naked City and the 1970s radical-prog band Henry Cow. Reynolds -- like Zorn, without the heavy weather -- freely charges into other realms as a composer-performer: string quartets, symphonies, soundtracks, improvised super-rock, crossbreeding classical futurism and punk esprit. FILM scores include five feature films, dozens of short films, animated shorts, and more than 20 silent films. Film collaborators have included Richard Linklater, Steve Collins and Luke Savisky. PERFORMANCE highlights include a live appearance on NPR's Talk of the Nation and a night at the Kennedy Center. The eclectic nature of the band has led to double bills ranging from Ken Vandermark to The Sea and the Cake to Merle Haggard guitarist Redd Volkeart. COMPOSITIONS by Graham Reynolds include four symphonies, two operas, a violin concerto, more than a dozen one movement string quartets, and countless chamber music pieces.

The DC Improvisers Collective (DCIC) is a trio exploring the intersection of jazz, contemporary composition and experimental music. Their current lineup features Ben Azzara (drums), Jonathan Matis (guitar), and Mike Sebastian (reeds). These musicians come together from diverse backgrounds, bringing experience from performing in rock bands and jazz groups, as well as post-classical composition. With ears wide open, they craft intricate compositions on the fly. Although the common metaphor for group improvisation often seems to be conversation, this metaphor fails to capture the true real-time, simultaneous collaboration that fuels the work. Equal parts tightrope act and group meditation, the ensemble explores the fertile territory of surprise just beyond the boundary where words fail.

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